Registration of death should be done within five working days of the deceased passing away. An appointment will need to be made at the Registrar’s Office. It is best to go to the nearest Registrars to where the person passed away/lived; however you can make an appointment at any Registrars within the county the person passed away.

Who can register the death:

  • The next of kin.
  • A relative of the deceased.
  • A person who was present at the death.
  • A person who is the occupier of where the death took place.

Documents you need to take (if available):

  • Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.
  • The deceased’s National Health Service Medical Card.
  • The deceased’s birth certificate.
  • If the deceased was married, their marriage certificate.

What the registrar will ask you:

  • The deceased’s full name, date and place of birth.
  • The deceased’s date and place of death.
  • The deceased’s home address.
  • The deceased’s occupation.
  • If the deceased had a pension or allowance from public funds.
  • If the deceased was married, and the details of their spouse.

What they will issue you:

  • A Certificate for burial or cremation (green form).
  • A Certified copy of the Entry of Death (these help will legal matters and cost £4, we recommend you obtain 4/5 copies).
  • They will also inform the Department of Work and Pensions.

We are able to make an appointment and arrange transport for you to go to the Registrars, or you can do this yourself by calling the following numbers:

Oxfordshire Registry Office: 0845 129 5900

Swindon (Wiltshire) Registry Office: 01793 521 734


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